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2005-10-05 Jiri Gaisler <jiri@…>

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PR 827/bsps

  • .cvsignore, ChangeLog?,, README, bsp_specs,, times, clock/.cvsignore, clock/, clock/ckinit.c, console/.cvsignore, console/, console/console.c, console/consolereserveresources.c, console/debugputs.c, gnatsupp/.cvsignore, gnatsupp/, gnatsupp/gnatsupp.c, include/.cvsignore, include/, include/bsp.h, include/coverhd.h, include/leon.h, leon_open_eth/.cvsignore, leon_open_eth/, leon_open_eth/leon_open_eth.c, leon_smc91111/.cvsignore, leon_smc91111/, leon_smc91111/leon_smc91111.c, start/.cvsignore, start/, startup/.cvsignore, startup/, startup/linkcmds, startup/setvec.c, startup/spurious.c, timer/.cvsignore, timer/, timer/timer.c, tools/.cvsignore, tools/ChangeLog, tools/, tools/, tools/, wrapup/.cvsignore, wrapup/ New files.
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