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PR 827/bsps

  • .cvsignore, acinclude.m4: Portion of large update of SPARC BSPs. Includes addition of sis, leon2 and leon3 BSPs, deletion of leon BSP, addition of SMC91111 NIC driver and much more.
  • leon/.cvsignore, leon/ChangeLog, leon/, leon/README, leon/bsp_specs, leon/, leon/times, leon/clock/.cvsignore, leon/clock/, leon/clock/ckinit.c, leon/console/.cvsignore, leon/console/, leon/console/console.c, leon/console/consolereserveresources.c, leon/console/debugputs.c, leon/gnatsupp/.cvsignore, leon/gnatsupp/, leon/gnatsupp/gnatsupp.c, leon/include/.cvsignore, leon/include/, leon/include/bsp.h, leon/include/coverhd.h, leon/include/leon.h, leon/leon_open_eth/.cvsignore, leon/leon_open_eth/, leon/leon_open_eth/leon_open_eth.c, leon/start/.cvsignore, leon/start/, leon/startup/.cvsignore, leon/startup/, leon/startup/boardinit.S, leon/startup/linkcmds, leon/startup/setvec.c, leon/startup/spurious.c, leon/timer/.cvsignore, leon/timer/, leon/timer/timer.c, leon/tools/.cvsignore, leon/tools/ChangeLog, leon/tools/, leon/tools/, leon/tools/, leon/wrapup/.cvsignore, leon/wrapup/ Removed.
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File size: 323 bytes
4  RTEMS_BSP_ALIAS(ifelse([$1],,[${RTEMS_BSP}],[$1]),bspdir)
5  case "$bspdir" in
6  erc32 )
7    AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS([erc32]);;
8  leon2 )
9    AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS([leon2]);;
10  leon3 )
11    AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS([leon3]);;
12  *)
13    AC_MSG_ERROR([Invalid BSP]);;
14  esac
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