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  • vmeUniverse/README.universe, vmeUniverse/vmeUniverse.c, vmeUniverse/vmeUniverse.h: New files.
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  • Per PR214, contributes a driver for the TUNDRA UNIVERSE VME-PCI bridge to libbsp/shared. NOTE: This driver is maintained _outside_ RTEMS by Till. Please forward future modifications to him.
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1The universe II driver is in a separate subdir
2because it is maintained at SSRL outside of the
3rtems CVS tree (it supports other OSes as well)
5Till Straumann <> 1/2002
8This driver is maintained _outside_ rtems.
9Please forward future modifications to me.
11A BSP that wants to use the vmeUniverse driver
12must implement the following headers / functionality:
13 - <bsp/pci.h> offering an API like 'libbsp/powerpc/shared/pci'
14 - <bsp/irq.h> offering the 'new style' RTEMS irq API
15   (like 'libbsp/powerpc/shared/irq').
17The BSP should then use "VPATH magic" (to use Joel's
18words :-) to reach the vmeUniverse.* files in the
19universe subdir.
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