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2#  $Id$
5Simple BSP for the SH simulator built into gdb.
7Simulator Invocation
9sh-rtems[elf|]-gdb <executable>
10(gdb) target sim
11(gdb) set archi [sh|sh2]
12(gdb) load <executable>
13(gdb) run
18* The simulator invocation procedure outlined above produces error messages
19with gdb-5.0, nevertheless seems to work. With gdb versions > 5.0 these
20error messages are gone. I.e. if you plan to seriously work with the gdb
21simulator better use gdb versions > 5.0.
23* gdb's simulator is not able to correctly emulate memory areas esp. shadowing
24and non-consecutive memory. I.e. access to memory areas besides area 0 will
25(bogusly) generate SIGBUS exceptions.  This includes access to area 5
26(On-chip peripherials) and prevents simulation of configuration and access
27to on-chip peripherials.
29* Due to limitations of the simulator you will only be able to run
30applications which do not try to access any SH control registers.
32Currently, this excludes all applications, which apply timers and serial
33devices, i.e. almost any real world application.
35* This BSP supports 3 different console devices (cf. configure --help):
36- trap34, an interface base on gdb's trap34 emulation. Known to work with
37  gdb-5.0.
38- gdbsci1, a stripped down sci device driver adapted to apply gdb's sci1
39emulation. This is known to fail with gdb-5.0, because of a bug in gdb-5.0's
40sh-sim, a patch is submitted, but .. ~==
41- devnull, redirection of console io to /dev/null. Try to single step this,
42if you want to understand the details on how SH-RTEMS console redirection
45NOTE: the trap34 interface is incomplete and is temporarily disabled
46inside of
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