source: rtems/c/src/lib/libbsp/powerpc/psim/startup/device-tree @ 6af8512c
Last change on this file since 6af8512c was 847375f, checked in by Joel Sherrill <joel.sherrill@…>, on Nov 19, 1998 at 5:35:49 PM

Patch from Eric Norum <eric@…>:

1) Socket timeout field changed from short' to long'. This makes longer

timeouts possible. With a 1 kHz system clock the old system allowed
timeouts only up to a little over 30 seconds! This change is a
slightly cleaned-up version of the patch proposed by Ian Lance Taylor.

2) Major changes to BOOTP/DHCP reply handling. Now supports much of

RFC2132. These changes were done at the request of, and with the
assistance of, Erik Ivanenko.

If you're making changes, you might want to change the network
supplement Essentially just do a global search and replace of BOOTP

  • Property mode set to 100644
File size: 140 bytes
1#/openprom/init/register/pc 0
2#/openprom/options/smp 2
3#/openprom/options/oea-memory-size 4194304
4/openprom/options/oea-memory-size 8388608
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