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2 * (c) 1998, Radstone Technology plc.
3 *
4 *
5 * This is an unpublished work the copyright  in  which   vests
6 * in  Radstone Technology plc.  All rights reserved.
7 *
8 * The information contained herein is the property of Radstone
9 * Technology  plc.  and  is  supplied  without  liability  for
10 * errors or omissions and no part may be reproduced,  used  or
11 * disclosed except as authorized by contract or  other written
12 * permission.     The    copyright    and    the     foregoing
13 * restriction   on  reproduction, use and disclosure extend to
14 * all  the   media   in   which   this  information   may   be
15 * embodied.
16 *
17 */
18#include <rtems/score/targopts.h>
19#include "ppc-asm.h"
21        .file   "bsptrap.s"
22        .text
24        sc
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