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1This BSP was adapted from Eric Valette MCP750 Generic motorola
2port to MVME2300 by Jay Kulpinski <>.
3In other to work correctly, the Tundra Universe chip must
4be turned off using PPCBug as explained below.
9The Tundra Universe chip is a bridge between the PCI and VME buses.
10It has four programmable mapping windows in each direction, much like
11the Raven.  PPCBUG lets you specify the mappings if you don't want
12to do it in your application.  The mappings on our board, which may
13or not be the default Motorola mappings, had one window appearing
14at 0x01000000 in PCI space.  This is the same place the bootloader
15code remapped the Raven registers.  The windows' mappings are
16very likely to be application specific, so I wouldn't worry too
17much about setting them in the BSP, but it would be nice to have
18a standard interface to do so.  Whoever needs that first can
19incorporate the ppcn_60x BSP code for the Universe chip. :-)
21These options in PPCBUG's ENV command did the job:
23VME3PCI Master Master Enable [Y/N] = Y?
24PCI Slave Image 0 Control                = 00000000?   <-----
25PCI Slave Image 0 Base Address Register  = 00000000?
26PCI Slave Image 0 Bound Address Register = 00000000?
27PCI Slave Image 0 Translation Offset     = 00000000?
28PCI Slave Image 1 Control                = 00000000?   <-----
29PCI Slave Image 1 Base Address Register  = 01000000?
30PCI Slave Image 1 Bound Address Register = 20000000?
31PCI Slave Image 1 Translation Offset     = 00000000?
32PCI Slave Image 2 Control                = 00000000?   <-----
33PCI Slave Image 2 Base Address Register  = 20000000?
34PCI Slave Image 2 Bound Address Register = 22000000?
35PCI Slave Image 2 Translation Offset     = D0000000?
36PCI Slave Image 3 Control                = 00000000?   <-----
37PCI Slave Image 3 Base Address Register  = 2FFF0000?
38PCI Slave Image 3 Bound Address Register = 30000000?
39PCI Slave Image 3 Translation Offset     = D0000000?       
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