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PR 497/bsps

  • BOOTING: Document letting the bootloader shut down the network interface since it continues to run after loading RTEMS application and has to be dealt with.
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2#  $Id$
5This file documents the on board monitor (PPCBUG) configuration used
6to be able to boot the archives located in powerpc-rtems/c/mcp750/bin.
7This information was provided by Eric Valette <>
9NOTE (by Till Straumann <>, 2003):
10Apparently, PPCBug fails to shut down the network interface after
11loading an image. This means that the ethernet chip is still able
12to write into its descriptors and network buffer memory which
13can result in the loaded system to be corrupted if that system
14relocates itself!. The proper place to shut down the interface
15would be PPCBug itself or a 'PPCBug startup script' - unfortunately,
16PPCBug doesn't offer such a feature. Therefore, the bootloader
17is by default compiled with the
18#ifdef USE_PPCBUG
19compile-time option ENABLED. It will then use a PPCBug system
20call to shut down the ethernet chip during an early stage of
21the boot process.
22NOTE: THIS (i.e. the system call) WILL FAIL IF YOU USE SOFTWARE
23OTHER THAN PPCBUG TO BOOT THE BSP. In such a case, you must
24recompile with #undef USE_PPCBUG and make sure the ethernet
25interface is quiet by other means.
27----------------------- ENV command--------------
29Bug or System environment [B/S] = B?
30Field Service Menu Enable [Y/N] = N?
31Probe System for Supported I/O Controllers [Y/N] = Y?
32Auto-Initialize of NVRAM Header Enable [Y/N] = Y?
33Network PReP-Boot Mode Enable [Y/N] = Y?                <====================
34SCSI Bus Reset on Debugger Startup [Y/N]   = N?
35Primary SCSI Bus Negotiations Type [A/S/N] = A?
36Primary SCSI Data Bus Width [W/N]          = N?
37Secondary SCSI Identifier                  = "07"?
38NVRAM Boot List (GEV.fw-boot-path) Boot Enable [Y/N]           = Y?
39NVRAM Boot List (GEV.fw-boot-path) Boot at power-up only [Y/N] = Y?
40NVRAM Boot List (GEV.fw-boot-path) Boot Abort Delay            = 5?
41Auto Boot Enable [Y/N]           = Y?
42Auto Boot at power-up only [Y/N] = Y?
43Auto Boot Scan Enable [Y/N]      = Y?
44Auto Boot Scan Device Type List  = FDISK/CDROM/TAPE/HDISK/?
45Auto Boot Controller LUN   = 14?
46Auto Boot Device LUN       = 40?
47Auto Boot Partition Number = 03?
48Auto Boot Abort Delay      = 7?
49Auto Boot Default String [NULL for an empty string] = ?
50ROM Boot Enable [Y/N]            = N?
51ROM Boot at power-up only [Y/N]  = Y?
52ROM Boot Abort Delay             = 5?
53ROM Boot Direct Starting Address = FFF00000?
54ROM Boot Direct Ending Address   = FFFFFFFC?
55Network Auto Boot Enable [Y/N]           = N?
56Network Auto Boot at power-up only [Y/N] = N?
57Network Auto Boot Controller LUN = 00?
58Network Auto Boot Device LUN     = 00?
59Network Auto Boot Abort Delay    = 5?
60Network Auto Boot Configuration Parameters Offset (NVRAM) = 00001000?
61Memory Size Enable [Y/N]         = Y?
62Memory Size Starting Address     = 00000000?
63Memory Size Ending Address       = 02000000?
64DRAM Speed in NANO Seconds       = 60?
65ROM First Access Length (0 - 31) = 10?
66ROM Next Access Length  (0 - 15) = 0?
67DRAM Parity Enable [On-Detection/Always/Never - O/A/N]    = O?
68L2Cache Parity Enable [On-Detection/Always/Never - O/A/N] = O?
69PCI Interrupts Route Control Registers (PIRQ0/1/2/3) = 0A050000?
70Serial Startup Code Master Enable [Y/N] = N?
71Serial Startup Code LF Enable [Y/N] =     N?
72---------------------NIOT ---------------------------
74Controller LUN =00?
75Device LUN     =00?
76Node Control Memory Address =03F9E000?
77Client IP Address      =
78Server IP Address      =
79Subnet IP Address Mask =
80Broadcast IP Address   =
81Gateway IP Address     =
82Boot File Name ("NULL" for None)     =debug-ppc?
83Argument File Name ("NULL" for None) =?
84Boot File Load Address         =001F0000?
85Boot File Execution Address    =001F0000?
86Boot File Execution Delay      =00000000?
87Boot File Length               =00000000?
88Boot File Byte Offset          =00000000?
89BOOTP/RARP Request Retry       =05?
90TFTP/ARP Request Retry         =05?
91Trace Character Buffer Address =00000000?
92BOOTP/RARP Request Control: Always/When-Needed (A/W)=W?
93BOOTP/RARP Reply Update Control: Yes/No (Y/N)       =Y?
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