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5Setting the Ethernet Hardware Address
8The hardware Ethernet address is not set at the factory.  It is the
9responsibility of the end-user to insure that it is set properly.
10This file describes the standard procedure recommended by DY-4
11technical support for setting this address.  This procedure is
12similar to that followed by VxWorks as documented in DY-4
13Document Number #807885.
15The hardware Ethernet address and OS configuration information
16must be stored in the SEEPROM non-volatile memory of the
17SVME/DMV-176/177. The Foundation Firmware (FFW) reserves the
18first 256 bytes of the SEEPROM for its own use and the remaining
19remaining 256 bytes are available for OS specific information.
21Three bytes in the Serial EEPROM are used for the lowest three bytes
22of the hardware Ethernet address These should be set to the serial
23number of your SVME/DMV-176/177 card to ensure a unique Ethernet
24address on your network. The three high bytes are hard coded in the
25BSP and represent the vendor-specific Ethernet codes (0x00, 0x80, 0x7F).
26Together these six bytes form the target's Ethernet address.
28Address is of the form ...
30NOTE: The serial number is found on the packaging (box) that the
31board came in OR it is also located on the solder side of the board  and
32looks something like SERNO:XXXXXX.  It can not be determined dynamically
33by software.
35Prior to using the Ethernet controller on the SVME/DMV-176/177 for the
36first time, the Ethernet address bytes must be programmed into the
37Serial EEPROM on the target card.   The 'emm' (EEPROM Memory Modification)
38command in the General Purpose Monitor (GPM) can be used to do this.
40In this example we will assume that the serial number of the target card
41is 123456.
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