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Ralf Corsepius reported a number of missing CVS Id's:

RTEMS is under CVS control and has been since rtems 3.1.16 which was
around May 1995. So I just to add the $Id$. If you notice other files
with missing $Id$'s let me know. I try to keep w\up with it.

Now that you have asked -- I'll attach a list of files lacking an RCS-Id to
this mail. This list has been generated by a little sh-script I'll also

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2#  $Id$
5The MIPS bsp are now called p4600 and p4650, referring to which cpu they use.
6The same bsp sub-directory can be used, the cpu is selected by the bsp
7specific makefiles (p4600.cfg and p4650.cfg).
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