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Part of the automake VI patch from Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…>:

5) rtems-rc-19990202-1.diff/ fixes a Makefile variable name clash of RTEMS
configuration files and automake/autoconf standards.
Until now, RTEMS used $(INSTALL) for install-if-change. Automake and
autoconf use $(INSTALL) for a bsd-compatible install. As
install-if-change and bsd-install are not compatible, I renamed all
references to install-if-changed to $(INSTALL_CHANGED) and used
$(INSTALL) for bsd-install (==automake/autoconf standard). When
automake will be introduced install-if-change will probably be replaced
by $(INSTALL) and therefore will slowly vanish. For the moment, this
patch fixes a very nasty problem which prevents adding any automake file
until now (There are still more).

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2#  $Id$
6srcdir = @srcdir@
[674c900]7VPATH = @srcdir@
[5c3511e]8RTEMS_ROOT = @top_srcdir@
[8548fe0]11INSTALL = @INSTALL@
[5c3511e]13include $(RTEMS_ROOT)/make/custom/$(RTEMS_BSP).cfg
[cb5bfe4]14include $(RTEMS_ROOT)/make/directory.cfg
[c91e032]18# consolex is a predecessor of the termios and libchip concepts.
19# It is no longer being compiled into the source.
[c9647b3]20# The MVME162 has 2 z8530's to yield four serial ports.
21# The application can access these by referencing the consolex driver
22# with "CONSOLEX_DRIVER_TABLE_ENTRY" in the driver table definition,
[9deb5b8b]23# in place of "CONSOLE_DRIVER_TABLE_ENTRY".  See consolex/cTest.c for
24# an example.
[254b4450]26# wrapup is the one that actually builds and installs the library
27#  from the individual .rel files built in other directories
29# XXXX add tools
[c91e032]30SUB_DIRS=include startup clock console timer tod wrapup
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