source: rtems/c/src/lib/libbsp/m68k/mvme136/bsp_specs @ fc56b90c
Last change on this file since fc56b90c was 8fe6d358, checked in by Joel Sherrill <joel.sherrill@…>, on 12/20/97 at 16:59:11

Moved -qnolinkcmds option so arguments passed on the command line are
interpreted at the right point per Eric Norum's discovery:

The problem with the my previous `fix' for adding linker commands
was with the ordering of the options to the linker.

For example, to make a larger heap size, the application Makefile would
CFLAGS_LD = -Wl,--defsym -Wl,HeapSize?=0x40000

The command passed to the linker would be :
m68k-rtems-ld .... -T xxx/linkcmds .... --defsym HeapSize?=0x40000 .....

This doesn't work because the script in linkcmds inserts a default
value for HeapSize? if HeapSize? is not defined by the time the linker
looks at the linkcmds script.

The solution seems to be to move the -T linkcmds%s in the bsp_specs
file out of the link specfication and into the lib specification -- a
little unorthodox, perhaps, but it seems to work!

  • Property mode set to 100644
File size: 431 bytes
[e9932367]1%rename cpp old_cpp
2%rename lib old_lib
3%rename endfile old_endfile
4%rename startfile old_startfile
5%rename link old_link
8%(old_cpp) %{qrtems: -D__embedded__} -Asystem(embedded)
[8fe6d358]11%{!qrtems: %(old_lib)} %{qrtems: --start-group -lrtemsall -lc -lgcc --end-group %{!qnolinkcmds: -T linkcmds%s}}
14%{!qrtems: %(old_startfile)} %{qrtems: start.o%s}
[8fe6d358]17%{!qrtems: %(old_link)} %{qrtems: -dc -dp -N -e start}
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