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2001-10-26 Victor V. Vengerov <vvv@…>

  • New BSP for MCF5206eLITE evaluation board BSP.
  • ChangeLog?, README, bsp_specs,, console/console.c, console/.cvsignore, i2c/i2c.c, i2c/i2cdrv.c, i2c/.cvsignore, include/bsp.h, include/, include/coverhd.h, include/ds1307.h, include/i2c.h, include/i2cdrv.h, include/nvram.h, include/.cvsignore, nvram/nvram.c, nvram/.cvsignore, start/start.S, start/.cvsignore, startup/bspclean.c, startup/bspstart.c, startup/gdbinit, startup/init5206e.c, startup/linkcmds, startup/linkcmds.flash, startup/.cvsignore, times, tod/ds1307.c, tod/todcfg.c, tod/.cvsignore, tools/.cvsignore, tools/, tools/runtest, tools/changes, wrapup/.cvsignore, .cvsignore: New files.
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12001-10-26      Ralf Corsepius <>
3        * .cvsignore: Add autom4te.cache for autoconf > 2.52.
4        * Remove.
5        * New file, generated from by autoupdate.
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