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1This board support package has not been tested with multiprocessor
2or the timing support.  The uniprocessor IDP package was tested though
3with a fairly large application (although bugs may exist).  The
4$RTEMS_ROOT/src/tests/Makefile should therefore have the samples and
5the tests directories compiled first with the tmtests (timing) and
6multiprocessor directories optional.
8Let me know if you have any problems or bug fixes.  Bug fixes are greatly
9appreciated.  I do not work for RTEMS or am a member of the RTEMS support
10group in any way, however.  I am just one of many that appreciate
11"free" software and enjoy contributing when possible :).  You can do it too!
13                -- doug mcbride
17Notes: Make sure that -msoft-float is defined when compiling in the
18newlib-beta-rtems/newlib/msoft-float directory subtree.  You also probably
19want to add the following line to line 413 of
22#define INTEGER_ONLY
24That allows you to pass most of the paranoia test in the samples
25directory of RTEMS although you can't see the floating point values actually
26printed (software floating point tends to make that difficult anyway).
27In order to pass the whole paranoia test (with one flaw), however, I had to
28comment out the following line in milestone 140 (why?):
30/*  printf ("Testing X^((X + 1) / (X - 1)) vs. exp(2) = %.17e as X -> 1.\n",
31    Exp2); */
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