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2#  $Id$
5Description: efi68k
7CPU: MC68HC000 @16MHz
8RAM: 256k
9ROM: 256k
11   Based upon a 16MHz 68HC000, efi332 is a minimally configured 4x6
12inch single board computer. It includes the following major
13components: (a) 256k SRAM (km681000l), (b) 256 EPROM (27C010),
14(c) DP8570A (clock/timer/calendar), (d) MAX791 (cpu supervisory chip
15with battery backup switch-over and watch dog timer), and
16(e) NS16550DN (UART). The following interrupt functions have also been
17incorporated: UART, TIMER, Watch Dog, and Low Line voltage (trips at
184.85V; enough time to save the cpu reg before reset is asserted on
19power down).
20   The schematic for efi68k is freely available via e-mail. Send
21"index diy_efi" to Retrieve the
22files related to 68hc000-1.00 with the "get diy_efi <filename>"
23command. efi68k does not have an available printed circuit board, but
24can be wire-wrapped in about four days. Cost is about $100US.
28- add the "tm27 vector" ... can we use a trap instruction?
[6335022e]29- generate include/coverhd.c to perform the tmtest.
[486c329]30- the interrupt drive I/O should be integrated into the RTEMS.
31- finish the ROM memory model.
[6335022e]32- add separate interrupt stack (low priority).
34                                       John S Gwynne
37               T h e   O h i o - S t a t e   U n i v e r s i t y
38    ElectroScience Laboratory, 1320 Kinnear Road, Columbus, Ohio 43212, USA
39                Telephone: (614) 292-7981 * Fax: (614) 292-7297
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