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New BSP from Tony R. Ambardar <tonya@…> from the
University of British Columbia. The BSP is for:

Yes, this is the "entry model" of a series of boards from Technologic
Systems. Costs <$200 I believe. They have a WWW page at
I am letting them know about the availability of this BSP too.

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1package body TS1325.Parallel is
3   procedure Read_Parallel_Port (Data: out Byte) is
4   begin
5      Inport (Parallel_Port_In, Data);
6   end Read_Parallel_Port;
8   procedure Write_Parallel_Port (Data: in Byte) is
9   begin
10      Outport (Parallel_Port_Out, Data);
11   end Write_Parallel_Port;
13end TS1325.Parallel;
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