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Patch from Tony R. Ambardar <tonya@…>:

I'm attaching a big patch for the ts_386ex BSP which adds and includes
the following:

1) Conversion to ELF format + minor code cleanups + documentation.

2) An Ada95 binding to FreeBSD sockets, based on Samuel Tardieu's

adasockets-0.1.3 package. This includes some sample applications.

3) Some Ada and C interfaces to add serial-port debugging to

programs. Comes with examples, too; the Ada one shows how
transparent adding the support can be. Note that Rosimildo sent me
the original C code.

The network stuff is not BSP specific, and could be added to your Ada
code collection. The debugging stuff is specific to the i386. Right
now, everything sits in my "tools" directory.

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1Samuel Tardieu
2ENST -- Département Informatique
346, rue Barrault
475634 Paris Cedex 13
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