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I'm attaching a big patch for the ts_386ex BSP which adds and includes
the following:

1) Conversion to ELF format + minor code cleanups + documentation.

2) An Ada95 binding to FreeBSD sockets, based on Samuel Tardieu's

adasockets-0.1.3 package. This includes some sample applications.

3) Some Ada and C interfaces to add serial-port debugging to

programs. Comes with examples, too; the Ada one shows how
transparent adding the support can be. Note that Rosimildo sent me
the original C code.

The network stuff is not BSP specific, and could be added to your Ada
code collection. The debugging stuff is specific to the i386. Right
now, everything sits in my "tools" directory.

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1This directory contains various support software for using RTEMS on
2the TS-1325. Descriptions follow.
5DOS Loader
8The dos_sup directory contains a DOS-based loader ( for
9RTEMS executables on the TS-1325. Fully commented source code is
12Once an application has been compiled and the resulting ELF format
13executable converted to raw binary format and transferred to the
14TS-1325, the DOS loader program must be used to load and execute
15it. The loader is simply invoked as "loader filename", where the
16filename cannot contain an explicit path. 
18The loader will work with files stored either on the C: ram disk or
19the A: flash disk. Since Zmodem transfers to the C: ram disk are much
20faster than to the A: disk, most development work will be done using
21the C: disk. Once completed, an application may copied to the
22(non-volatile) A: disk. Additionally, one may add the line "loader
23filename" to the AUTOEXEC.BAT file, allowing the application to be
24run automatically at boot time.
26Note that the DOS loader will abort and exit if it detects that the
27push-button switch is pressed, thus allowing one to break out of a
28pathological "boot loop" situation i.e. abort an automatic load from
29the AUTOEXEC.BAT file.
35The elf2exe script is just a convenient wrapper for the objcopy
36command. It can convert a list of RTEMS-generated ELF files to raw
37binary images that can be loaded on the TS-1325. The converted files
38are saved in the current directory with a ".exe" extension.
41TS-1325 Ada95 Support
44The TS-1325 includes a few peripherals which are very useful for
45embedded development: a push-button switch, an LED, and a parallel
46port which may be used for digital I/O. Note that the pin-out for the
47parallel port is given in the TS-1325 manual.
49These devices are all supported by Ada packages allowing easy access;
50they may be found in the ts_1325_ada directory. Doing a make command
51here will build a program that tests and exercises all these support
52packages. Plugging in some kind of parallel-port "loop-back" connector
53would be useful during this test.
55Brief descriptions of the main packages are as follows:
57* ts1325-button: allows one to check or wait for a button press. 
59* ts1325-led: allows safe reading and setting of the LED colour.
61* ts1325-parallel: used to read and write byte date to the parallel
62  port. 
64* i386_ports: code to access the I/O address space, using Ada
65  inline assembly.
68Serial Debugging Support
71RTEMS supports an Ada95 and RTEMS aware version of the GNU gdb
72debugger, which can be configured to debug targets over a serial
75The port COM2 on the TS-1325 is normally used for console I/O, leaving
76COM1 for use by gdb; an appropriate cable should be connected from the
77development host to the TS-1325's COM1. The serial port used on the host
78should match the line "target remote /dev/tty??" in the "cmds" file.
80Sample C and Ada95 applications showing how to add debugging support
81are given in the debug_c and debug_ada sub-directories. Once the
82debugging-enabled executable is running on the TS-1325, gdb must be
83started on the Linux host, taking as argument the RTEMS ELF executable.
85Using a graphical front end to gdb such as the program ddd is highly
86recommended. The script ddd-rtems shows how to invoke gdb using ddd as
87a front end.
90Ada95 Networking Support
93The sub-directory network_ada contains code and examples for an Ada95
94binding to BSD network sockets. The code is based on Samuel Tardieu's
95adasockets-0.1.3 package, but has been modified to work under RTEMS.
97The binding itself is in the adasockets sub-directory. Edit the
98Makefile to reflect your choice of installation directory, then type
99the command  "make install" to compile and install the binding. The
100file networkconfig.h should also be edited according to the RTEMS
101networking document.
103The directories listener and tcprelay contain networking examples that
104use the binding. The listener application simply accepts connections
105on a certain port and echoes back any received data. The tcprelay
106program accepts connections on a port and then relays all subsequent
107data to and from another remote host. The makefiles in both
108directories should be edited to reflect the installation point of the
109adasockets binding.
113Tony Ambardar, 8/8/99
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