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New BSP from Tony R. Ambardar <tonya@…> from the
University of British Columbia. The BSP is for:

Yes, this is the "entry model" of a series of boards from Technologic
Systems. Costs <$200 I believe. They have a WWW page at
I am letting them know about the availability of this BSP too.

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6The requirements for this BSP are only that the GAS used supports the
7.code16 directive.  The GAS released with any GCC version 2.8.0 or better
8is required.  The BSP was built with an egcs snapshot pre-1.0.2 and
9post-1.0.1.  However, any egcs should work.
12The only "real" differences are in bspstart.c, where the initialization now
13configures all available RAM, (after setting up the Workspaces) as heap.
14The location of the stack was changed so that the heap was not trapped
15between low memory and the stack; the stack comes before the heap.
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