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I'm attaching a big patch for the ts_386ex BSP which adds and includes
the following:

1) Conversion to ELF format + minor code cleanups + documentation.

2) An Ada95 binding to FreeBSD sockets, based on Samuel Tardieu's

adasockets-0.1.3 package. This includes some sample applications.

3) Some Ada and C interfaces to add serial-port debugging to

programs. Comes with examples, too; the Ada one shows how
transparent adding the support can be. Note that Rosimildo sent me
the original C code.

The network stuff is not BSP specific, and could be added to your Ada
code collection. The debugging stuff is specific to the i386. Right
now, everything sits in my "tools" directory.

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5This BSP is for the Technologic Systems TS-1325, an i386EX PC/AT
6compatible SBC equipped with 2 standard serial ports and a parallel
7port suitable for general digital I/O. It comes with 2MB RAM and 1MB
8Flash ROM. Additional information is available at the TS web site:
11The BSP uses software floating-point emulation, so one must build the
12cross-compilation tools with this support. The BSP also supports the
13on-board RTC, and an NE2000 compatible network card. It has been used
14successfully with C/C++ (egcs-1.1.2) and Ada95 (gnat-3.11p), including
15networking applications.
17The TS-1325 runs a version of DOS, and should be configured with a RAM
18disk and Zmodem software (see WWW site). RTEMS executables are loaded
19and run in DOS conventional memory, giving a 600K file-size limit. The
201MB extended memory is used for the RTEMS workspace, heap, stack and
21BSS. Console output is to COM2 @ 115200 baud, 8-N-1. The high baud
22rate is needed to speed up serial-line Zmodem file transfers. The
23TS-1325 DOS console I/O is by default 9600 baud, and should be changed
24to 115200 baud (see WWW site).
26A typical development cycle involves these steps:
281. Cross-compile the application, yielding an ELF executable. Convert
29   this to raw binary format, using objcopy or the elf2exe script (see
30   the tools subdirectory in the BSP).
322. Use Zmodem to download the raw executable to the TS-1325's ram-disk
33   (faster than  the A: flash disk). A terminal program supporting
34   Zmodem is needed on the host e.g. minicom under Linux.
363. Use the DOS-based RTEMS loader "" (see tools
37   subdirectory) to load and run the executable on the TS-1325.
39Additional documentation and support software is in the tools subdirectory
40of the BSP.
42Happy Coding!
44Tony Ambardar, 8/8/99
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