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3        The doit shell file cd's to $H, which refers to the directory
4that contains the hello world test.  The console is a raw com port. 
5Certain test programs behave differently with different com port speeds.
6To test the programs, it is required that you hook up a terminal
7( or minicom or procomm it doesn't really matter ) to the comm port of
8the target hardware.  You must ensure that the baud rate, parity etc
9is set properly.  This is done on the target hardware within interns.s .
10( Set your terminal emulator to match. ) Currently, the settings
11are 9600,8,n,1 .
13The format and layout of the file interns.s is taken from the
14intel ApBuilder software, freely distributed by Intel.  Some
15easy macros ( SetExRegByte and SetExRegWord ) are basically lifted
16from the Intel macros.  Similarly for the names of the IO ports.
18This "port" begain with the forceCPU bsp.  Hence I am sure that
19there is some real trash that is not appropriate.  For example
20the act of copying the Interrupt Descriptor tables and Global
21descriptor tables "into our space". ( in start.s I think )
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