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2#  $Id$
[287e9584]5This board support package works with the uti386ex, designed and built in
6house at the University of Toronto.  It should also be compatible the an
7Intel Evaluation board.
9There are no decisions to be made at link time. The BSP reserves ALL
10available space between the end of the bss section and the start of the
11RTEMS Workspace for the heap.  If you wish to add network support, then
12you will not need to modify the heap size.
15See startup/linkcmds and bsp_start.c for details.
17The clock is generated from an internal i386ex timer counter.  The console
18uses COMM2 -- configured as 9600 n,8,1.  COMM1 is available, also
19configured as 9600,n,8,1.
21In general, all modification needed to support another i386ex based
22platform should be restricted to start.s.  Since there is no real-time
23clock on the Intel eval board, if RTclock support is required, then adding
24rtclock driver support is necessary.
26Hope this helps!
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