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51.  This is based on djgpp v1.x which has been superceded.  That version
6    is still available but is no longer supported.  It would be greatly
7    appreciated if someone would update this bsp to the current version.
92.  In general the regular instructions for building a cross GNU toolset
10    apply to the i386-go32-rtems toolset.  However, you will need some items
11    from the djgpp distribution.  Here is the list of djgpp files we use:
13 - files required on target PC
14 - libraries and include files required on host
163.  We attempt to minimize what we copy into our built and installed GNU
17    toolset from the binary distribution of the GNU tools.  Here is what
18    we do by hand.  You will need to localize this to meet your directory
19    structure.  All paths are starting at the toolset install point.
21    a. Copy go32.h, dpmi.h, dos.h. and pc.h  in the i386-go32-rtems/include
22       directory.  These files only include sys/types.h and newlib has that.
24    b. copy  crt0.o to i386-go32-rtems/gcc-lib/i386-go32-rtems/2.7.2
25    c. copy  libc.a to i386-go32-rtems/gcc-lib/i386-go32-rtems/2.7.2/libcgo32.a
26    d. copy  libpc.a to i386-go32-rtems/gcc-lib/i386-go32-rtems/2.7.2/libpc.a
28    It is almost a certainty that libcgo32.a and libpc.a have symbols and
29    routines which duplicate those in newlib.  In post 3.6.0 RTEMS versions,
30    the --start-group and --end-group GNU ld options are used to group
31    the non-GO32 supplied libraries.  This attempts to resolve every symbolic
32    reference from RTEMS specific libraries before getting them from
33    GO32 libraries.
354.  This configuration is built on a UNIX host by the RTEMS Team using
36    cross configurations of the tools.  Building it under DOS requires
37    special effort.
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