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Add shared PCI support and enhance pc386 to support non-legacy PCI configuration space

This patch fundamentally results from enhancements to the pc386 BSP
to support systems which do NOT have the legacy PCI BIOS. The
patch adds support for detecting when legacy PCI BIOS is not
present and then using IO space to access to PCI Configuration Space.
This resulted in dynamically selected between two implementations
of PCI and refactoring out the shared methods.

This patch adds shared implementations of pci_bus_count() and
pci_find_device(). Subsequent patches will remove implementations
of these methods in other BSPs where possible.

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File size: 802 bytes
[fe8bc62]1ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS = -I ../../../aclocal
[194d128]3## Descend into the @RTEMS_BSP_FAMILY@ directory
8# shared/comm
9EXTRA_DIST += shared/comm/uart.c shared/comm/uart.h
10EXTRA_DIST += shared/comm/tty_drv.c shared/comm/tty_drv.h
11EXTRA_DIST += shared/comm/i386_io.h
[309dbd0]12EXTRA_DIST += shared/comm/i386-stub-glue.c shared/comm/i386-stub.c
[578209bc]13EXTRA_DIST += shared/comm/gdb_glue.c
15EXTRA_DIST += shared/comm/GDB.HOWTO
17# shared/irq
18EXTRA_DIST += shared/irq/irq.h shared/irq/irq.c
19EXTRA_DIST += shared/irq/irq_asm.h shared/irq/irq_asm.S
20EXTRA_DIST += shared/irq/idt.c
21EXTRA_DIST += shared/irq/irq_init.c
23# shared/pci
24EXTRA_DIST += shared/pci/pcibios.c
[f770fcb]25EXTRA_DIST += shared/pci/pci_io.c
[c53e9e2f]27include $(top_srcdir)/../../../automake/
28include $(top_srcdir)/../../../automake/
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