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  • README, times, console/lpc22xx_uart.h, console/uart.c, include/bsp.h, start/start.S, startup/bspstart.c, startup/exit.c, startup/linkcmds: Update BSP to address changes between 4.7 and CVS head as well as to address comments from Ralf and Joel.
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2#  Timing Test Suite Results for the rtl22xx BSP
7Board:  rtl22xx
8CPU: Philips LPC2210
9Clock Speed: 60MHz
10Memory Configuration: 512K SRAM(256K used to store the .text), 16 bit bus, no SDRAM, nor cache
11Cache: Data and Instruction cache enabled
12Wait States:
14Times Reported in: microseconds
15Timer Source: Timer 1, 15Mhz timer rate
16# the test is run via a arm JTAG ICE
18*** TIME TEST 1 ***
19rtems_semaphore_create 381
20rtems_semaphore_delete 380
21rtems_semaphore_obtain: available 136
22rtems_semaphore_obtain: not available -- NO_WAIT 136
23rtems_semaphore_release: no waiting tasks 307
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