source: rtems/c/src/lib/libbsp/arm/lm3s69xx/make/custom/lm3s3749-testsuite.tcfg @ ed08fa6

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lm3s69xx/../*-testsuite.tcfg: Add linpack

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File size: 1013 bytes
2# lm3s3749 RTEMS Test Database.
4# Format is one line per test that is _NOT_ built.
7exclude: capture
8exclude: cdtest
9exclude: iostream
10exclude: dl01
11exclude: dl02
12exclude: dl04
13exclude: dl05
14exclude: ftp01
15exclude: fileio
16exclude: flashdisk01
17exclude: fsdosfsname01
18exclude: fsdosfsformat01
19exclude: fsjffs2gc01
20exclude: fsrfsbitmap01
21exclude: jffs2_fserror
22exclude: jffs2_fslink
23exclude: jffs2_fspatheval
24exclude: jffs2_fspermission
25exclude: jffs2_fsrdwr
26exclude: jffs2_fsscandir01
27exclude: jffs2_fssymlink
28exclude: jffs2_fstime
29exclude: linpack
30exclude: loopback
31exclude: mghttpd01
32exclude: mdosfs_fserror
33exclude: mdosfs_fsrdwr
34exclude: monitor02
35exclude: mrfs_fserror
36exclude: mrfs_fsfpathconf
37exclude: mrfs_fslink
38exclude: mrfs_fspatheval
39exclude: mrfs_fspermission
40exclude: mrfs_fsrdwr
41exclude: mrfs_fsscandir01
42exclude: mrfs_fssymlink
43exclude: mrfs_fstime
44exclude: paranoia
45exclude: pppd
46exclude: rtems++
47exclude: shell01
48exclude: spstkalloc02
49exclude: sptls02
50exclude: syscall01
51exclude: utf8proc01
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