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BSP for several Beagle products

Specifically the beagleboard, beagleboard xM, beaglebone, beaglebone black.

More info on these targets:

This commit forms a basic BSP by combining Claas's work with

. new clock and irq code and definitions for

beagle targets (beagleboard and beaglebones), mostly
reused from the Minix codebase, thus making
irqs, ticks and non-polled console mode work too

. new timer code for ns timing with high timer resolution,

24MHz on the AM335X and 13MHz on the DM37XX

. select the console uart based on target at configure time
. removing all the lpc32xx-specific macros and code and

other unused code and definitions that the beagle bsp
was based on

. re-using some standard functions instead of lpc32xx versions
. fixed some whitespace problem in
. fixed some compile warnings
. configure MMU: set 1MB sections directly in the TTBR,

just to show the difference between cacheable RAM and
non-cacheable device memory and invalid ranges; this lets us
turn on caches and not rely on boot loader MMU configuration.
Verified to work when MMU is initially either on or off when
RTEMS gets control.

Thanks for testing, commentary, improvements and fixes to Chris Johns,
Brandon Matthews, Matt Carberry, Romain Bornet, AZ technology and others.

Signed-Off-By: Ben Gras <beng@…>

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1To run RTEMS from scratch (without any other bootcode) on the beagles,
2you can comfortably load the executables over JTAG using gdb. This is
3necessarily target-specific however.
51. BBXM
7  - For access to JTAG using openocd, see simscripts/bbxm.cfg.
8  - openocd then offers access to gdb using simscripts/gdbinit.bbxm.
9  - start openocd using bbxm.cfg
10  - copy your .exe to a new dir and that gdbinit file as .gdbinit in the same dir
11  - go there and start gdb:
12    $ arm-rtems4.11-gdb hello.exe
13  - gdb will invoke the BBXM hardware initialization in the bbxm.cfg
14    and load the ELF over JTAG. type 'c' (for continue) to run it.
15  - breakpoints, C statement and single-instruction stepping work.
172. beaglebone white
19This has been tested with openocd and works but not in as much detail as for
20the BBXM yet (i.e. loading an executable from scratch).
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