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5Board Support Package library
7This directory contains the source for the libbsp.a library.
8For each supported board $(RTEMS_BSP) there is a standard
9set of functions which must be provided in the BSP:
11   + start up initialization
12   + exit support
13   + set vector
14   + console IO support
15   + drivers
17In addition, the BSP also determines the memory usage by providing
18any necessary linker scripts.
20There are also "generic" drivers in this directory.  Currently
21they are shmdr and stubdr.
23Some of the supplied generic drivers (for example, shared memory) require
24target board specific support routines.
26NOTE: The library libbsp.a is actually built by $(RTEMS_BSP)/wrapup/Makefile.
28To execute all of the test in the RTEMS Tests Suites the following
29device drivers must be supplied:
31   + Clock Tick
32   + IO Driver Support
33   + Timer
34   + Shared Memory Driver Support
36The Timer Driver is used only by the Timing Test Suite (c/src/tests/tmtests/*).
37These tests are used to generate the execution times for RTEMS found in the
38flyers.  It is recommended that these tests be run to verify a port to a new
39CPU or with a newly developed BSP.  Looking at the times as compared to a
40known CPU and target can yield insights into potential performance problems
41in either the port, the BSP, or the target hardware.
43The Shared Memory Support is only required to execute the Multiprocessor
44Test Suite (c/src/tests/mptests/*).  Multiprocessing is not a required part
45of a BSP.
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