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2005-11-04 Till Straumann <strauman@…>

  • shared/vmeUniverse/vmeTsi148.c, shared/vmeUniverse/vmeTsi148.h, shared/vmeUniverse/vme_am_defs.h: New files.
  •, shared/vmeUniverse/README.universe, shared/vmeUniverse/vmeUniverse.c, shared/vmeUniverse/vmeUniverse.h: Several VME related upgrades and fixes, hopefully addressing PR#835: vmeUniverse driver now supports shared interrupts. vmeUniverse now supports up to four wires between universe and PIC. A new irq mgr installation routine has been added allowing to use the new features. (old version is still present for bwd compatibility). Calls have been added to change interrupt routing (e.g., if wires have different priorities at the PIC this feature can be used to configure priorites). Routine for testing VME interrupts has been added (useful during BSP development). A new header defining standard VME address

modes has been added so that the VME API doesn't have to #include a
particular bridge driver header. For all driver entry points, a 'XX'
variant has been added which allows to pass the chip's base address
[in case a second universe is sitting on a VME card :-)]. Driver now
uses interrupt line as read from PCI config. space (without offset)
BSP needs to use PCI fixup if necessary. Added a driver for the
tundra tsi148 VME bridge.

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File size: 845 bytes
2## $Id$
5include $(top_srcdir)/automake/
7SUBDIRS = @libbsp_cpu_subdir@
8DIST_SUBDIRS = @libbsp_cpu_subdir@
12# shared
13EXTRA_DIST += shared/bootcard.c shared/bspclean.c shared/bsplibc.c \
14    shared/bsppost.c shared/console-polled.c shared/console.c \
15    shared/gnatinstallhandler.c shared/main.c shared/sbrk.c shared/tod.c \
16    shared/tod.h
17EXTRA_DIST += shared/vmeUniverse/vmeUniverse.c \
18    shared/vmeUniverse/vmeUniverse.h \
19    shared/vmeUniverse/vmeTsi148.c      \
20    shared/vmeUniverse/vmeTsi148.h      \
21    shared/vmeUniverse/vme_am_defs.h \
22    shared/vmeUniverse/README.porting \
23    shared/vmeUniverse/README.universe
25EXTRA_DIST += shared/include/coverhd.h
26EXTRA_DIST += shared/gdbstub/rtems-stub-glue.c
28include $(top_srcdir)/automake/
29include $(top_srcdir)/automake/
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