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Patch rtems-rc-20000104-0.diff from Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…>
which is described below:

This one is a (minor) patch in preparation of the upcoming patches. It
actually is an excerpt of the upcoming patches and therefore is
completely untested in this standalone form, but I don't expect it to
break something.

The essential changes in this patch are:

  • An update to (Now can also be run in subdirectories)
  • A bug-fix for the libcpu/powerpc (A directory was missing from SUBDIRS in a
  • An update to gensh2.cfg.
  • Cleanups/Enhancements? to configuration files

To apply:

cd <srcdir>
patch -p0 < rtems-rc-20000104-0.diff
cvs rm -f c/src/lib/libbsp/

  • Property mode set to 100644
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2#  $Id$
5When adding a BSP to the RTEMS tree, there is usually some cleanup
6to be done.
10Add an entry to ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS.
12Send letter with permission to distribute the BSP with RTEMS.
14Verify all test link.
16Remove compilation warnings.
18Make sure that all files submitted are really intended to do into
19the distribution. For example, you may have a myfile.S produced by
20gcc -S myfile.c.
23This section of the file describes how to run the acpolish script to
24check Makefile style and construction compliance.
26The BSP's still apply RTEMS's old autoconf configuration. The only thing
27that have changed are some details inside the Makefile.ins and some details
28in make/custom/<bsp>.cfg. Acpolish should be able to convert 4.0.0 into new style Makefile.ins. However, sometimes acpolish has
30problems/contains bugs, which require manual intervention. There is no tool
31to adapt a BSP's <bsp>.cfg, but this shouldn't be a problem for you.
33Therefore, this is my coarse recipe to merge BSPs is:
351. Copy a BSP's files and directories to appropriate directories.
372. Manually run acpolish on each and check the output, eg:
38cd some_subdir
39 /path_to_RTEMS/tools/update/acpolish < Makefile.old >
41Check for correctness, evtl. edit it, then re-run acpolish
43/path_to_RTEMS/tools/update/acpolish < >
45Compare against These must not differ, if they
46do, edit until the generated by re-running
47acpolish on does not differ from the freshly generated If they differ permanently, then you probably are affected
49bugs in acpolish (This happens for some styles of conditionals).
51This sounds much worser than it actually is, because the bugs in acpolish
52only hit very seldom. Furthermore, BSPs normally only contain a few
53Makefile.ins, therefore individually running acpolish should be tolerable.
553. If a BSP contains tools, you have to convert its configuration to
56automake manually. Typically these tools are rather simple, therefore a
57tool's configuration applies standard automake Makefile.ams and
58configure.ins. RTEMS should contain enough examples which could serve as
59templates for this (My advice: Try to avoid preinstallation and
60installation to the temporary installation tree whenever possible; Don't
[0ff37e68]61forget to add all sources which do not get installed by automake
[c8b35b1b]62to automake's EXTRA_DIST, e.g. noinst_SCRIPTS, noinst_DATA have to be added
[0ff37e68]63to EXTRA_DIST.
65Please let me know if you meet problems and if we/I can fix them. I
66consider acpolish to be an internal developer's and maintainer's helper
67script, which was never intended to be of general use, which is why I am
68not much concerned about bugs in it.
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