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Remove All CVS Id Strings Possible Using a Script

Script does what is expected and tries to do it as
smartly as possible.

+ remove occurrences of two blank comment lines

next to each other after Id string line removed.

+ remove entire comment blocks which only exited to

contain CVS Ids

+ If the processing left a blank line at the top of

a file, it was removed.

  • Property mode set to 100644
File size: 471 bytes
[1a5f405b]1include $(RTEMS_ROOT)/make/custom/@RTEMS_BSP@.cfg
[6e761d1]2include $(top_srcdir)/../../../testsuites/automake/
4include $(top_srcdir)/
[221db54]6noinst_PROGRAMS = ada_sp04
7ada_sp04_SOURCES = sp04.adb config.h sptest.adb
8ada_sp04_SOURCES += ../../support/init.c
[221db54]10ada_sp04$(EXEEXT): sp04.adb init.$(OBJEXT)
[1a5f405b]11        $(GNATCOMPILE) -margs -a $< -o $@
[c2cdd9d]13scndir = $(rtems_ada_testsdir)
[6c4e9d0]14dist_scn_DATA = ada_sp04.scn
[6e761d1]16include $(top_srcdir)/../../../testsuites/automake/
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