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1*** TEST 14 -- NODE 1 ***
2Creating Semaphore (Global)
3Creating Message Queue (Global)
4Creating Partition (Global)
5Creating Event task (Global)
6Starting  Event task (Global)
7Creating Semaphore task (Global)
8About to go to sleep!
9Starting  Semaphore task (Global)
10Creating Message Queue task (Global)
11Getting SMID of semaphore
12Starting  Message Queue task (Global)
13Creating Partition task (Global)
14Getting ID of msg queue
15Starting  Partition task (Global)
16Getting ID of partition
17Waking up!
18Remote task's name is : 222
19Getting TID of remote task
20Sending events to remote task
21<stream of following characters>
22. - indicates 100 iterations of
23tm_evafter of 1 tick and event_receive.
24e - indicates that 100
25events have been sent to the remote task.
26m - indicates 100 iterations of
27message_queue_send and message_queue_receive.
28p - indicates 100 iterations of
29partition_get_buffer and partition_return_buffer.
30s - indicates 100 iterations of
31semaphore_obtain and semaphore_release.
32NOTE: The characters in the stream could begin to appear whenever any
33task is started.
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