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  • aclocal/canonicalize-tools.m4: New (Copied from ../../aclocal).
  • aclocal/canonical-target-name.m4: New (Copied from ../../aclocal).
  • aclocal/check-cpu.m4: New (Copied from ../../aclocal).
  • aclocal/check-custom-bsp.m4: New (Copied from ../../aclocal).
  • aclocal/check-cxx.m4: New (Copied from ../../aclocal).
  • aclocal/check-itron.m4: New (Copied from ../../aclocal).
  • aclocal/check-multiprocessing.m4: New (Copied from ../../aclocal).
  • aclocal/check-networking.m4: New (Copied from ../../aclocal).
  • aclocal/check-posix.m4: New (Copied from ../../aclocal).
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2dnl $Id$
4dnl Check whether the target compiler accepts -specs
9AC_CACHE_CHECK(whether $CC accepts -specs,rtems_cv_gcc_specs,
12if test x"$GCC" = x"yes"; then
13  touch confspec
14  echo 'void f(){}' >conftest.c
15  if test -z "`${CC} -specs confspec -c conftest.c 2>&1`";then
16    rtems_cv_gcc_specs=yes
17  fi
19rm -f confspec conftest*
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