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2001-02-03 Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…>

  • install to $(exec_prefix)/@RTEMS_BSP@.
  • Property mode set to 100644
File size: 639 bytes
2##  $Id$
5AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = foreign 1.4
[feead226]6ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS = -I ../../aclocal
[d16ca93]8SUBDIRS = make @hst_subdirs@ wrapup tests
10# NOTE: The wildcard on the install should pick up everything except
11#       the tests directory.  This significantly minimizes the install size.
[6e6f0f06]13        $(mkinstalldirs) $(DESTDIR)$(exec_prefix)/@RTEMS_BSP@
14        cd $(PROJECT_ROOT)/@RTEMS_BSP@; \
15          tar cf - [bilsuM]* | \
16          (cd $(DESTDIR)$(exec_prefix)/@RTEMS_BSP@; tar xpBf - );
[6e6f0f06]19        rm -rf $(DESTDIR)$(exec_prefix)/@RTEMS_BSP@/[bsl]*;
[eb299af]21include $(top_srcdir)/../../automake/
[df49c60]22include $(top_srcdir)/../../automake/
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