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  1. Rtems contains some perl scripts that use hard-coded paths to /usr/bin/perl or /usr/local/bin/perl I have already fixed these problems by adding some checks to While doing this, I also cleaned up some more autoconf related problems for generating shell scripts. This patch might seem a bit scary to you, but I am quite confident it won't break something (I've been testing it for almost a week now, however it might introduce typos for a limited number configurations I don't have access to - But it shouldn't be a problem for you to test them :-).

I expect to get this finished tonight, hence you will very likely
have the patch when you get up tomorrow.


  • Check for PERL and disable all PERL scripts if perl wasn't found.
  • Generate all KSHELL-scripts with autoconf instead of make-script
  • Automatic dependency handling for autoconf generated KSHELL or PERL scripts (make/rtems.cfg)


  • this patch contains new files and deletes some other files.
  • The patch is relative to rtems-4.0.0-beta4 with my previous rtems-rc-981014-1.diff patch applied.


I tested it with sh-rtems and posix under linux. Now all targets
which are touched by this patch and which are not used while building
for sh-rtems and posix still need to be tested. AFAIS, only the
sparc/erc32 BSP should be affected by this criterion. And if you
like to, you should also consider testing it on a Cygwin32 and a
Solaris host for one arbitrary BSP.

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2#  $Id$
5Misc. support tools for RTEMS workspaces.
6More will be added later as they are converted from Teamware
7to CVS.
10    Smart install script that also can append suffixes as it
11    installs (suffixes used for debug and profile variants).
12    Requires bash or ksh.
15    deletes all files from the current directory that can be
16    re-created from RCS.  Careful to not delete locked files.
17    May be used by 'gmake clobber'
21    traverse a directory structure making it unwritable.
22    Useful to keep people from accidentally overwriting
23    "released" trees if they get confused about which
24    module they have loaded.
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