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5The RTEMS Project does not have all of the development computers or
6target boards included in the RTEMS distribution.  Many of the BSPs
7are user supplied and we try to insure that they compile before each
8full release.  This file describes the range of configurations the
9RTEMS project can internally test.
11Host Development Systems
14All RTEMS development is done on a Sun SPARCStation running Solaris 2.3 and
15all other host systems are not tested internally.
17Target Systems
20The following table describes the testability of each BSP by the RTEMS project:
22    CPU     CPU
23   FAMILY  MODEL         TARGET              STATUS
24   ====== ========= =================== =================
25    m68k   m68000    efi68k                 (note 1)
26    m68k   m68020    Motorola MVME136   TESTED INTERNALLY
27    m68k  m68lc040   Motorola MVME162       (note 1)
28    m68k  m68ec040   Motorola IDP           (note 1)
29    m68k   m68020    DY-4 DMV152            (note 1)
30    m68k   m68302    generic 68302          (note 1)
31    m68k   m68332    efi332                 (note 1)
32    i386  i386_fp    Force CPU-386      TESTED INTERNALLY
33    i386   i486      DJGPP/PC-AT        TESTED INTERNALLY
34    i386  pentium    DJGPP/PC-AT        TESTED INTERNALLY
35    i960  i960ca     Cyclone CVME961        (note 4)
36    hppa  hppa7100   simhppa                (note 2)
37    ppc    403       Papyrus                (note 2)
38    UNIX     NA      Solaris 2 (SPARC)  TESTED INTERNALLY (inlines)
39    UNIX     NA      Solaris 2 (SPARC)  TESTED INTERNALLY (macros)
40    UNIX     NA      Linux (i386)           (note 5)
41    UNIX     NA      HPUX (PA-RISC)         (note 2)
42   no_cpu    NA      no_bsp                 (note 3)
45(1) Target board is not owned by RTEMS Project.  The target is known
46    to compile and link with all appropriate tests successfully.
47    If the target does not support multiprocessor configurations, then
48    "ALL TESTS" does not include the multiprocessor tests.
50(2) RTEMS Project cannot internally compile or test this target.
52(3) Target is not intended to be executed.  It is only an example.
54(4) The RTEMS Project owns this board but it is broken at the moment.
56(5) The RTEMS Project owns a Linux host but does not regularly test this BSP.
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