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2#  $Id$
5This is the list of outstanding problems in this release.
71.  The m68000 support is not complete.  Someone with target hardware
8    needs to complete the missing gaps.  Look for ifdef's based on the
9    M68K_* macros defined in c/make/cpu/m68k.cfg.  Most of the code
10    is present but none of it is tested.  An attempt was made to insert
11    "#warnings" preprocessor directives in the appropriate places.
12    So these are a good starting spot.
142.  The only i960 family member tested is the CA.  No support for the
15    floating point support found in other family members is present.
16    This also implies that RTEMS may "think" of something as generic
17    across the i960 family when in fact it is specific to the CA.
193.  The __read() system call in all of the BSPs using single
20    character input/output needs to be smarter.  The following
21    issues need to be addressed:
23       + echoing of characters on input
24       + CR/NL echoing
25       + backspaces
26       + tabs
284.  Solaris 2.3 port notes:
30       + Some of the tests run correctly when run interactively but
31         the screen and output do not match when the output is
32         redirected to a file.
34       + sometimes a stray SIGALRM is reported as spfatal completes.
365.  Some of the tests may execute correctly and not produce the exact
37    ordering of lines in the screen file.  This appears to be a combination
38    of a number of factors including buffering, processor speed, IO
39    device overhead, and clock interrupt rate.
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