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2#  $Id$
5RTEMS was developed by On-Line Applications Research (OAR) under
6contract to the U.S. Army Missile Command.  Other than the
7contributions listed in this document, all code and documentation
8was developed by OAR for the Army.
10The RTEMS project would like to thank those who have made
11contributions to the project.  Together we make RTEMS a
12much better product.
14The following persons/organizations have made contributions:
16+ Dr. Mikhail (Misha) Savitski ( of the EISCAT Scientific
17  Association submitted the BSP and other miscellaneous support for the
18  Motorola MVME162 (M68040LC CPU) VMEbus single board computer.
20+ Division Inc. of Chapel Hill, NC for sponsoring On-Line Applications
21  Research to port RTEMS to the Hewlett-Packard PA-RISC architecture (V1.1)
22  and the addition of HP-UX as a development host. Tony Bennett
23  ( was assisted in this effort by Joel Sherrill
24  (  Tony also deserves a big pat on the
25  back for contributing significantly to the overall organization
26  of the development environment and directory structure.  RTEMS
27  is much easier to build because of Tony.
29+ Greg Allen of Division Inc. of Chapel Hill, NC for
30  porting RTEMS to HP-UX.  This port treats a UNIX computer as simply
31  another RTEMS target processor.  This port can be used to develop
32  and test code which will ultimately run on the embedded platform.
34+ Doug McBride ( of the Colorado Space Grant
35  College at the University of Colorado at Boulder submitted the BSP
36  for the Motorola IDP board (M68EC040 CPU) single board computer.  The
37  BSP leverages heavily off of the existing RTEMS BSP framework, the
38  examples in the back of the IDP user's manual, and the libgloss example
39  support for the IDP board from the newlib/libgloss distribution.
41Finally, the RTEMS project would like to thank those who have contributed
42to the other free software efforts which RTEMS utilizes.  The primary RTEMS
43development environment is from the Free Software Foundation (the GNU
44project).  The "newlib" C library was put together by Cygnus and is
45a collaboration of the efforts of numerous individuals and organizations.
47We would like to see your name here.  BSPs and ports are always welcome.
48Useful libraries which support RTEMS applications are also an important
49part of providing a strong foundation for the development of real-time
50embedded applications and are welcome as submission.
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