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Remove make preinstall

A speciality of the RTEMS build system was the make preinstall step. It
copied header files from arbitrary locations into the build tree. The
header files were included via the -Bsome/build/tree/path GCC command
line option.

This has at least seven problems:

  • The make preinstall step itself needs time and disk space.
  • Errors in header files show up in the build tree copy. This makes it hard for editors to open the right file to fix the error.
  • There is no clear relationship between source and build tree header files. This makes an audit of the build process difficult.
  • The visibility of all header files in the build tree makes it difficult to enforce API barriers. For example it is discouraged to use BSP-specifics in the cpukit.
  • An introduction of a new build system is difficult.
  • Include paths specified by the -B option are system headers. This may suppress warnings.
  • The parallel build had sporadic failures on some hosts.

This patch removes the make preinstall step. All installed header
files are moved to dedicated include directories in the source tree.
Let @RTEMS_CPU@ be the target architecture, e.g. arm, powerpc, sparc,
etc. Let @RTEMS_BSP_FAMILIY@ be a BSP family base directory, e.g.
erc32, imx, qoriq, etc.

The new cpukit include directories are:

  • cpukit/include
  • cpukit/score/cpu/@RTEMS_CPU@/include
  • cpukit/libnetworking

The new BSP include directories are:

  • bsps/include
  • bsps/@RTEMS_CPU@/include
  • bsps/@RTEMS_CPU@/@RTEMS_BSP_FAMILIY@/include

There are build tree include directories for generated files.

The include directory order favours the most general header file, e.g.
it is not possible to override general header files via the include path

The "bootstrap -p" option was removed. The new "bootstrap -H" option
should be used to regenerate the "" files.

Update #3254.

  • Property mode set to 100644
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3/* VMEConfig.h, S. Kate Feng modified it for MVME5500 3/04
4 *
5 * May 2011 : Use the VME shared IRQ handlers.
6 *
7 * It seems that the implementation of VMEUNIVERSE_IRQ_MGR_FLAG_PW_WORKAROUND
8 * is not fully developed. The UNIV_REGOFF_VCSR_BS is defined for VME64
9 * specification, which does not apply to a VME32 crate. In order to avoid
10 * spurious VME interrupts, a better and more universal solution is
11 * to flush the vmeUniverse FIFO by reading a register back within the
12 * users' Interrupt Service Routine (ISR)  before returning.
13 *
14 * Some devices might require the ISR to issue an interrupt status READ
15 * after its IRQ is cleared, but before its corresponding interrupt
16 * is enabled again.
17 *
18 */
21 *  Prototypes
22 */
23int BSP_VMEInit(void);
24int BSP_VMEIrqMgrInstall(void);
26/* BSP specific address space configuration parameters */
29 * The BSP maps VME address ranges into
30 * one BAT.
31 * NOTE: the BSP (startup/bspstart.c) uses
32 * hardcoded window lengths that match this
33 * layout:
34 */
35#define _VME_A32_WIN0_ON_PCI            0x90000000
36/* If _VME_CSR_ON_PCI is defined then the A32 window is reduced to accommodate
37 * CSR for space.
38 */
39#define _VME_CSR_ON_PCI                 0x9e000000
40#define _VME_A24_ON_PCI                 0x9f000000
41#define _VME_A16_ON_PCI                 0x9fff0000
43/* Reuse BAT 0 for VME */
44#define BSP_VME_BAT_IDX                 0
46/* start of the A32 window on the VME bus
47 * TODO: this should perhaps be a configuration option
48 */
49#define _VME_A32_WIN0_ON_VME    0x20000000
51/* if _VME_DRAM_OFFSET is defined, the BSP
52 * will map our RAM onto the VME bus, starting
54 */
55#define _VME_DRAM_OFFSET                0x90000000
57#define BSP_VME_UNIVERSE_INSTALL_IRQ_MGR(err)                   \
58        do {                                                                                    \
59          err = vmeUniverseInstallIrqMgrAlt(VMEUNIVERSE_IRQ_MGR_FLAG_SHARED,\
60             0, BSP_GPP_VME_VLINT0, \         
61             1, BSP_GPP_VME_VLINT1, \         
62             2, BSP_GPP_VME_VLINT2, \       
63             3, BSP_GPP_VME_VLINT3, \
64             -1 /* terminate list  */);  \             
65        } while (0)
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