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1README.irq : Shuchen Kate Feng  <>, Sept. 2, 2007
3As per implementation in shared PPC code,
4the BSPirqPrioTable[96] listed in irq_init.c is where the
5software developers can change the levels of priority
6for all the interrupts based on the need of their
7applications.  The IRQs can be eanbled dynamically via the
8BSP_enable_pic_irq(), or disbaled dynamically via the
12Support for run-time priority setup could be
13added easily, but there is no action taken yet due to concerns
14over computer security at VME CPU level.
17The software developers are forbidden to setup picIsrTable[],
18as it is a powerful engine for the BSP to find the pending
19highest priority IRQ at run time. It ensures the fastest/faster
20interrupt service to the highest/higher priority IRQ, if pending.
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