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1README.VME: written by S. Kate Feng <> , 7/22/04
4Some VME modules(e.g. Oms58 motor controller) might require a PCI sync
5command following the out_xx() function (e.g. out_be16()) if mvme5500 is
6used as the SBC.  The mechanism is a hardware hook to help software
7synchronize between the CPU and PCI activities. The PCI sync is
8implemented in pci/pci_interface.c. For more example of the usage,one
9can reference the file that is posted in synAppRTEMS of
13In spite of the PCI sync overhead for the Oms58 motor controller, I do
14not see the runtime performance of RTEMS-mvme5500 being compromised as
15compared with that of RTEMS-mvme2307.  For example, it takes the same
16time to run motor_init() of synAppRTEMS for 48 motor initializations
17running either RTEMS-mvme2307 or RTEMS-mvme5500.
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