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bsps/powerpc: Move bootloader to bsps

This bootloader is only used by the motorola_powerpc BSP.

This patch is a part of the BSP source reorganization.

Update #3285.

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1The code in this directory has been taken WITH PERMISSION from
2Gabriel Paubert, The main reason for having
3a separate bootloader for PreP compliant firmware is that the
4initial code is relocated by firmware at an unknow address
5(actually  0x5000 on motorola MCP750) and that as Gabriel I
6think having a relocatable bootloder code is a must.
8So the way of building a binary executable that can be booted via
9hard disk or network boot goes like this :
11        - make a RTEMS executable,
12        - put is as data section in the bootloder binary,
13        - relink the loader (see make-exe macros for details),
15I would like to thank Gabriel for his support and his code.
16The original code can be found in form of a patch to official linux
17kernel at (I insist not vger ppc kernel or Imac ppc kernels!!) :
21After applying the patch, the code is located in a new directory
22called prepboot.
24(NB : note use ftp not netscape...)
26Note that the actual code differs a lot since Gabriel choose to use
27a CHRP compliant mapping instead of a Prep Mapping to save
28BATs. I had no time to upgrade the code to its new one allthough
29I agree it should be done...
31I have also splitted the original code to have a more modular
32design enabling to reuse code between the loader and RTEMS
33initialization (e.g printk, ...).
35Eric Valette (
392003/5/7, Greg Menke,
41Reworked the pci bus 0 initialization a little and added support for
42configuring an arbitrary number of other busses & their respective
43bridges.  Also added support for configuring IO ranges below 0x10000,
44which I think is reasonable given this is a PowerPC bsp.
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