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bsps: Rework cache manager implementation

The previous cache manager support used a single souce file
(cache_manager.c) which included an implementation header (cache_.h).
This required the use of specialized include paths to find the right
header file. Change this to include a generic implementation header
(cacheimpl.h) in specialized source files.

Use the following directories and files:

  • bsps/shared/cache
  • bsps/@RTEMS_CPU@/shared/cache
  • bsps/@RTEMS_CPU@/@RTEMS_BSP_FAMILY/start/cache.c

Update #3285.

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1## This file was generated by "./boostrap -H".
3include_bspdir = $(includedir)/bsp
4include_bsp_HEADERS =
5include_bsp_HEADERS += ../../../../../bsps/or1k/include/bsp/linker-symbols.h
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