source: rtems/bsps/bfin/shared/ @ e2bd1f6

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bsp/bfin: Move libcpu content to bsps

This patch is a part of the BSP source reorganization.

Update #3285.

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File size: 523 bytes
1libbsp_a_SOURCES += ../../../../../../bsps/bfin/shared/mmu.c
2libbsp_a_SOURCES += ../../../../../../bsps/bfin/shared/dev/clock.c
3libbsp_a_SOURCES += ../../../../../../bsps/bfin/shared/dev/rtc.c
4libbsp_a_SOURCES += ../../../../../../bsps/bfin/shared/dev/spi.c
5libbsp_a_SOURCES += ../../../../../../bsps/bfin/shared/dev/sport.c
6libbsp_a_SOURCES += ../../../../../../bsps/bfin/shared/dev/timer.c
7libbsp_a_SOURCES += ../../../../../../bsps/bfin/shared/dev/twi.c
8libbsp_a_SOURCES += ../../../../../../bsps/bfin/shared/dev/uart.c
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