source: rtems/bsps/arm/xilinx-zynq/

Last change on this file was b004430, checked in by Jeff Kubascik <jeff.kubascik@…>, on Apr 10, 2019 at 11:38:53 PM

bsp/zynq-uart: Move Zynq UART driver to shared directory

This driver will be shared with the xilinx-zynqmp BSP.

Update #3682.

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1## This file was generated by "./boostrap -H".
3include_HEADERS =
4include_HEADERS += ../../../../../../bsps/arm/xilinx-zynq/include/bsp.h
5include_HEADERS += include/bspopts.h
6include_HEADERS += ../../../../../../bsps/arm/xilinx-zynq/include/tm27.h
8include_bspdir = $(includedir)/bsp
9include_bsp_HEADERS =
10include_bsp_HEADERS += ../../../../../../bsps/arm/xilinx-zynq/include/bsp/cadence-i2c-regs.h
11include_bsp_HEADERS += ../../../../../../bsps/arm/xilinx-zynq/include/bsp/cadence-i2c.h
12include_bsp_HEADERS += ../../../../../../bsps/arm/xilinx-zynq/include/bsp/i2c.h
13include_bsp_HEADERS += ../../../../../../bsps/arm/xilinx-zynq/include/bsp/irq.h
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