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1RTEMS BSP for Philips's ARM processor
3This BSP is designed for the following Philips' ARM microprocessors:
5+ LPC2210
6+ LPC2212
7+ LPC2214
8+ LPC2290
9+ LPC2294
11Some LPC21xx ARM should also be able to use this BSP.
13Philphs's LPC22xx ARM processor has an ARM7TDMI-S core, and can
14run at 60MHz. It has an external memory bus, and peripherals like
15UART, I2C, SPI, ADC and etc. Some of them have on chip flash (256k)
16and CAN.  The board used to develop the BSP is compatible with
17LPC-E2214/LPC-E2294 boards from The board has
18a 512K SRAM (256K used to store the .text for debugging purposes)
19and two serial ports.
21The license and distribution terms for this file may be found in
22the file LICENSE in this distribution or at
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