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1BSP for the Raspberry Pi ARM board
2This is a basic port that should work on either Model A or Model B.
4It currently supports the following devices:
5    o Console using the PL011 UART0
6       The console driver only works with polled mode right now,
7       the interrupt code is there, but it does not work yet.
8       The console driver is currently hardcoded at 115k 8N1
9    o Clock uses the internal ARM timer
10       The Raspberry Pi can be overclocked through the config.txt file, this
11       would affect the duration of the clock tick.
12    o Benchmark timer reads the lower 32 bit GPU timer register
14To run an RTEMS binary, it must be stripped and loaded on the SD card along with
15the following files:
16  bootcode.bin
17  config.txt
18  loader.bin
19  start.elf
20  kernel.img ( the RTEMS binary, you can change the name in config.txt )
22These files can be obtained from a Linux installation image, or from here:
25I used an old 256MB SD card to boot RTEMS.
26Much more information about the SD card file and bootloader can be found here:
30The linker script is set up for 128MB, so it can be used with a GPU/ARM split
31of 128/128.
32The bootloader that is used on the SD card determines the split of RAM between the
33ARM and the GPU. It might make sense to adjust the GPU/ARM memory split to give
34more memory to RTEMS, especially on a 512MB board.
36To do:
37    It would be nice to get support in the BSP for the following:
38    o SD card
39    o USB and USB 10/100 network chip on Model B
40    o SPI
41    o GPIO
42    o ARM MMU
43    o Graphics console
44    o Sound
46Credits and links:
48  There is a wealth of code and information to reference on the bare metal forums:
51  I found information about how to program the timers, interrupts, and UART 0
52  from the examples provided by:
54  David Welch:
56  The readme file at his github repository has valuable information about connecting a UART cable, JTAG etc.
58  Steve Bate:
60  Steve provided a port of the Chibios RTOS to the raspberry Pi
62  James Walmsley:
64  James ported FreeRTOS to the raspberry Pi.
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