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1Development Board: QVGA Base Board from Embedded Artists
7        o Console
8        o Clock
9        o RTC
10        o SSP (SPI mode)
11        o Network
12        o I2C
14Howto setup QVGA Base Board?
16        o Unpack board.
17        o Connect board via USB to your PC.
18        o Verify that demo application runs.
19        o Disconnect board.
20        o Change jumpers to enable ISP.
21        o Connect board.
22        o Load U-Boot image 'u-boot_v1.1.6_lpc2468oem_v1_8_16bit.hex'
23        (available from the EA support page) into the flash (flash tool
24        FlashMagic is availabe from NXP).
25        o Change jumbers back to disable ISP.
26        o Use a terminal program to change the U-Boot settings via the console.
27        o U-Boot settings:
28                set ethaddr '00:1a:f1:X:X:X'
29                set serverip 'X.X.X.X'
30                set ipaddr 'X.X.X.X'
31                set rtems 'tftp a1000000 lpc2478.img;bootm'
32                set bootcmd 'echo Booting RTEMS ...;run rtems'
33                saveenv
35Howto make a U-Boot image?
37mkimage -A arm -O rtems -T kernel -C gzip \
38   -a a0000000 -e a0000040 -n "RTEMS Application" -d app.bin.gz app.img
40Application Board: NCS (Nurse Control Station)
42        Board:      NextGenNCS
43        Processor:  NXP LPC2478 or LPC2470
44        SDRAM:      8MByte, 16 bit wide
45        Ext. Flash: 1MByte, 16 bit wide
46        Console:    UART, 115200 Baud
47        Network:    100Base-T
49Application Board: TLI800
50        TLI800 is a network node using four serial ports produced by Thorn
51        Security Limited.  It is used by Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions for a
52        fire control network.
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