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1To build and run the tests for this BSP, use the RTEMS tester.
2The necessary software can be built with the RTEMS source builder.
4To build the BSP for testing:
5        - set CONSOLE_POLLED=1 in the configure environment, some tests
6          assume console i/o is polled
7        - add --enable-tests to the configure line
91. Qemu
11Linaro Qemu can emulate the beagleboard xm and so run all regression
12tests in software. Build the bbxm.bset from the RTEMS source builder and
13you will get qemu linaro that can run them. There is a beagleboardxm_qemu
14bsp in the RTEMS tester to invoke it with every test.
162. bbxm hardware
18This requires JTAG, see README.JTAG. Use the beagleboardxm bsp in the
19RTEMS tester. It starts gdb to connect to openocd to reset the target
20and load the RTEMS executable for each test iteration.
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