source: rtems/aclocal/enable-inlines.m4 @ 9ec96478
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Towards automake VIII patch from Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…>:

OK, I 've made up my mind to cut a big chunk of my automake-patches (:-).

Below you can find a drop-in replacement of the aclocal directory. It
contains a lot of new macro files, most of them are directly cut from rtems
top-level configure script, some are new some are identical to former
versions. The motivation behind these files is to reuse parts from rtems
current top-level script in up-coming subdirectory

I'd like to ask you to untar the archive ontop of the source tree and to
add/commit these files to CVS. Adding these files should not have any
influence on RTEMS momentary configuration (except of you are required to
run aclocal -I aclocal && autoconf afterwards), because most of them
currently are not used at all.


BTW: Please upgrade to autoconf-2.13 and automake-2.4, if you havn't done
this already (egcs/CVS require them, too). My upcoming automake files
require automake-2.4 which requires autoconf-2.13 or later.

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1dnl $Id$
5[  --enable-rtems-inlines               enable RTEMS inline functions]
6[                                       (use macros)],
7[case "${enableval}" in
8  yes) RTEMS_USE_MACROS=no ;;
9  no) RTEMS_USE_MACROS=yes ;;
10  *)  AC_MSG_ERROR(bad value ${enableval} for disable-rtems-inlines option) ;;
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